Home staging assists with decluttering, depersonalizing and organizing the house so it is market ready. This service essentially changes your ‘live-in home’ to a ‘model house’. We ensure that you showcase the inherent beauty of the house and provide a magic tool that transforms ordinary, every day homes into highly sought after properties. Home staging helps create an emotional connection between the buyer and the house, compelling them to make a purchase. Eye-catching touches and nuanced design choices further help potential buyers feel at home as they visualize the house as their own. Home staging is a three step process involving consultation, staging preparation, and showcasing.

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Home Staging


Consultation consists of a full assessment of your property including an evaluation of the current market appeal. Following an initial assessment, personalized home stagers will sit down with you to discuss what packing, arranging, or repairing needs to be done. Home stagers analyze curb appeal as well as interior design elements such as flooring, walls, ceiling, windows, and furniture arrangement. Based on property specific needs, clients receive a personalized list of recommendations which detail changes that need to be made before the property is listed. Design by Abby assists you in preparation for the showcasing day and will give you enough time to do the second step on your own.

Staging Preparation

This second step involves preparing your home and getting it ready to be showcased. This step involves, but is not limited to: decluttering, depersonalizing, cleaning, repairing and painting the home. Items which are not needed are removed to create a presentable and appealing space for prospective buyers. Staging preparation needs to be complete before the final showcasing takes place and can often be the clients responsibility. Design by Abby offers staging preparation services so you can just sit back, relax, and let us do the work.


Showcasing is the final step in the home staging process, and it involves rearranging and setting up props, accessories, lighting, and artwork. Design by Abby works individually with each client based on client-specific budgets and needs. In some cases, furniture and/or accessories from home staging warehouses are rented for showcasing. Following the showcase, professional pictures are taken and put on the market. The gorgeous transformation to a ‘model house’ is complete, and the house should be kept in this condition until it is sold.

In some cases there is an extra step called ‘De-staging’ which occurs after the house is sold. Rented equipment, accessories, and furniture are taken out by our capable team of home stagers. Note: Home staging consultations generally take 1-3 hours to ensure all pertinent factors are taken into account. Staging preparation and final showcasing may last for several days, and is dependent on the amount of work and the condition of your home.