FAQ'S - Who needs home staging?


Homeowners who are selling sometimes believe that home staging is expensive, and do not see the need to invest in a house they will not live in any longer. Think about it this way- spend a little to make more. Investing in staging your home actually increases the value of your home and maximizes its equity. Home staging gets you the highest return on investment (ROI) in the least amount of time. It also allows your home to appeal to a much broader audience, giving you a leading edge over the competition. The average home buyers today lead busy lives and want a home that is ready to move in. Design by Abby studies current market trends and listings and works within your budget to bring the value of your home to the same level of the competitive market in your neighborhood. This ensures that your home is neither overpriced nor underpriced, but rather, listed for exactly what it should be. Let Design by Abby provide structure for you when staging your home. Additionally, our services allow you to sell quickly and be in a competitive space in this ever changing market. Sit back, relax, and allow us to ease some of the woes and pressures associated with moving.

Real Estate Professionals

Successful real estate professionals are very much aware of the value of home staging services which prepare their listings for the competitive real estate market. Hiring a professional home stager eases their job which gives them more time to spend on marketing the property instead of dealing with preparing it, taking photos, and getting it market ready. Moreover, staged listings provide better photos and virtual tours for use in their marketing plan. Design by Abby works as an independent party and communicates directly with home owners to objectively address all the pertinent and time-sensitive issues that prepare the property for sale. Offer your clients a complimentary home staging consultation by hiring Design by Abby as an extension of your marketing plan.

Builders and Investors

Home staging is the ideal solution for vacant properties. By adding life to an empty, dull space, you build an emotional connection between the house and the buyer. Home staging can be highly effective after a property has been on the market for an elongated period of time without much success or interest. Design by Abby rents the appropriate furniture for your new development, once it is ready to go on the market, in order to bring the value of the property to the level of its competition. The team at Design by Abby is fully capable at staging and de-staging your vacant property, as well as taking photos to make the property more appealing to prospective buyers. Subtle stylistic choices create a design that allows future homeowners to envision themselves living in the home with their loved ones. Most importantly to some, the main benefit of staging reduces the amount of time the property sits on the market which in turn increases the return on investment when selling the property.

Home Staging Facts

- The cost of home staging in Toronto varies from 1% to 3% of the asking price. - 87% of people said that home presentation makes a difference in most sales. - On average, it only takes 30 seconds for the home buyers to make a decision upon entering a house- first impressions are crucial! - 63% of buyers are willing to pay more for a house that is move in ready. - 79% of sellers are willing to spend up to $5,000 to get their house ready for sale. - 52% of buyers said the kitchen had the most significant impact on their purchasing decision. - Homes that were staged sold in 13.8 days, while those that were not staged taking 30.9 days.